Our Mission


We are so proud to be able to donate to many animal charities that help animals who have abused, neglected, and forgotten.

Heres a feature of a few of the charities we proudly support. 

Hope for Paws:

Helping Los Angeles homeless dogs and cats barely surviving on the streets that need a second chance. 



Pawlicious Pooches:

Giving seniors a second chance love. Its staggering the amount of people that drop off their aging pets that have become older and in some cases.



Soi Dog Rescue:

Each year in Asia a horrific festival called Yulin takes place. Family pets as well as homeless pets are rounded up put in tiny cages and finally sold & traded in the dog and cat meat trade.

This rescue is on the ground rescuing these animals and creating awareness through billboards and community outreach programs. This is definitely a charity close to our hearts here at The Styled Collection.